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Not really, because you would need a way to retransmit messages between Click ports.
Maybe I am misunderstanding what the OP is wanting to do but, couldn't sparkie use the 485 port as a Modbus Master connected to the Temp. Controllers? The Serial Port would Write the Setpoint and Deadband to the controller and read other data that is required.

The Ethernet Port would then be a Modbus TCP/IP Server. The HMI/SCADA would send the Setpoint & Deadband to a PLC Modbus Register (which would then be sent out of the Serial Port). The HMI/SCADA could also read all the data from the PLC that is read from the Temp Controllers.

While not a Modbus Gateway per se. It may do just what the OP needs without the extra equipment.

If I am mistaken please let me know because I am always trying to learn.
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