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Thanks shooter. I emailed Lenze tech support and below is what they had to say. Has anyone ever needed to wire a motor so that it can be used with both high and low voltages?

Me:In one of your motor manuals I read a reference to a single rotation motor (see attachment) but I couldn't find a explanation as to what it actually is. I would appreciate a description of the function of a single rotation motor.

Lenze: Single rotation motors means that it can only run off low (208/230/265V) OR high voltage (400/480V) at a time. To change between low and high voltage, you will have to change the dog bones bridges in the terminal block connection as shown in the diagram in the attached document.


Thanks. These are the motors I'm familiar with but I take it that means that there are motors that can be wired to be used for high and low voltages? Do you have a manual or product catalogue of those motors?

Lenze: Lenze only offer single rotation motors in our current portfolio. We do not offer pole changing motors or dual voltage motors anymore.

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