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Compact/ControlLogix firmware upgrades


I'm currently putting together a schedule to bring all our compact and controllogix processors up to a standard firmware level, and then attack the PV+'s.

I currently have some new equipment that I standardised on V30 for Studio and V9.0 for FTVME, so that will be the level I will go for. I probably have around 30-40 processors or more to update the firmware on, and in some instances swap out the L32E's for L33-ER's. The current firmware varies from V19, V20.13, V20.03, a couple V21's V24 and V28.

I am seeking out advice or recommendations (even horror stories) on how this is best performed. I have been looking at the "comparability checker" on the RA site as each processor has multiple drives, HMI's, some motion, remote I/O etc and i want to make sure I don't get caught out with incompatibility issues. Many years ago I upgraded an L32E from V16 to V19 when V19 had been out a good 6 months, only to find the PV would lock up and do the strangest things. so this is something I want to avoid having happen.

Any input gratefully received.

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