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The license structure is easy.
There is a license manager located at Start>Wonderware>Common>License Utility.
This is where you copy license file from the CD to hard disk. You can also just copy of this license disk to a USB drive and you can move it between your PC and the HMI computers.

My recommendation is not to run the development license on a runtime application. the full install (Development and Runtime on the HMI), so you can edit on the HMI and backup. However, use a Runitme license on the HMI and keep the Development license for your pc.
It is easy to swap licenses with the "License Utility". Always use "Overwrite" (not append) when asked on installing a license.
I have had issues with "Appended' licenses.

You may not need the full Archestra install if you are only using Intouch.

What version of Wonderware are you using?
There are actually 2 licenses that may be required. Both are on the license CD.

If 10.5 or later you may need to load both the the archestra.lic and the wwsuite.lic.
It depends what IO Server you are using that may require wwsuite.lic. However it does not hurt anything if you load both licenses.

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