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Originally Posted by NetNathan View Post
If it is Wonderware R2012, you will use the archestra.lic.
The wwsuite.lic will ALSO be needed to be loaded, if the IO server you are using is an older version.
Both wwsuite.lic and archestra.lic will be on license disk.
But they will need to be a development/runtime licenses, unless you only need runtime (but you cannot edit application with a runtime only license).
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to us Archestra and new to it, I've already used Intouch but not this.

And I'm just wondering what type of licenses do I need to run it fully for dev and runtime? On my existing license it says, WW Dev Studios Large - 5000 Galaxy IO/ 3k Intouch/ and 500 history tags. Wasn't it this enough to run it?

Initially, I cannot deploy it says "Galaxyname: This operation is not permitted on Galaxy object". And on SMC, it gives "Failed to get license feature 'Platform_Count'" v3.6.

What ive tried,
.created sample galaxy with all galaxy type, then deploy
.created another galaxy, put up some points, then deploy
.another one, imported intouch app, validate deploy
.another one, put up security, validate deploy
.uninstalled existing wonderware, and put all what's on the CD, tried again

All it gives is that prompt message like a security issue. Please help, as I'm trying to study for a next project.

Appreciate again.

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