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Thanks Jay again. But can you give me some basic introduction to what is an I/O rack. And what is a bus. Cos my automation manager wanted to change the program in the C200H PLC and I think what he did was put a Cam Positioner Unit(that's what i think it was) in the bus(thats what he told me it was) and connected his computer(old one which had LSS) to the cam positioner and programmed the C200H PLC. Can you tell me where I can read more about this bs and I/O rack for C200H PLC. I dont think he connected a power supply to what i thought was a cam positioner so it may not be it cos as I saw in your manual we have to connect power supply to it. And Jay as for the program I asked you by email I know you think I am asking the same question again but it is not true. This program which I currently use has 100 lines but unfortunately the mini SP10 cannot accept a 100 line program so I have to shortedn it(which I did a bit). But I will mail you the100 line program and if you could please help me you can remove all the unwanted lines.
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