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525 UDFB in CCW

Hey All.

I got a little problem really kicking my butt here.

Iv been using some Micr820 for this and that. So far so good. A few weeks ago I connected one to a 525 through a small unmanaged switch, I imported the RA_PFx_ENET_STS_CMD UDFB from the AB site. I set it up and with a click I was controlling the drive. No issues. Just a test bench but it was easy.
So I built a machine with two 525 drives in it, a Micro820 and a small 2711P HMI. Its all on its own little network on a 5 port unmanaged switch. I go to commission the machine and all went good. I connected to the drives, flashed firmware, put in my programs and everything tested perfectly. Then it came time to start the motors. I noticed then that the drives were both giving the fault73 error code. I reset them, and once again, the drive fault returned within seconds on both drives.
I'm still connected to them threw CCW and I can go online with it, but my UDFB says its in error. No code, just FBError bit is set as well as the drive fault bit and the comm loss bit. Once the drive is fault cleared, these bits all go back to normalized state.

So... I proceeded to make the parameter for the drive action on comm loss to stop. Sure enough, I can start the drive from the HMI but a second later, it will stop. No fault.

I have tried the following:
-Disable one of the UDFB in the Micro so only one is running at a time.
-unplug one drive from the unmanaged switch.
-delete one drives UDFB from the program.
-ground C2 on the drive.
-swapped out the unmanaged switch for a gigabit switch
-set the Update rate parameter of the UDFB to many vales from 25ms to 1500ms
-set the EnetCtrlTO_sec parameter of the UDFB to many values from 0 sec to 60 seconds.
-set up gateways in the devices
-deleted harmony files (as per Rockwell request)

After all of this having the same result, even if simply trying to run one drive its the same result.

I know my UDFB is working as from my HMI I can clear the fault, start and stop, set the accel and decel, read the output current, see the drive is active or not and even see the fault code. So its talking. But why faulting?

So today... I came to work, grabbed a different Micro820, a different 525, a different 5 port gigabit switch and put it all together. As I expected, comms connected great, I set up the drive and as soon as I gave the start command to the drive, you guessed it......... The F*#*@& fault 73 comes up again.

I spent at least 2 hours yesterday on the phone with Rockwell tech. First I had to deal with the junior who asked me to make sure I had the right firmware, that I had terminal 1 to 11 connected and so on and asked me to delete harmony files. Then I got to talk to a more senior guy who just kept saying he had no real experience with this and also proceed to inform me that really nobody there can provide great support on these UDFB modules.

Is there anybody here that has set this up and figured out this quirk?

Very appreciative of any help.

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