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I can't give you a properly satisfying answer, but I was able to replicate the problem and find a solution.

I was testing using the "test application" feature in FTView v11. At startup, as you say, you log in and the button works. When you navigate back to the log in/log out display, the button does not work. It does not even "click" (normally when testing on the PC you can see the button depress as you hold the mouse button down, and some sort of entry is made in the diagnostics log - neither of these happen). The same held true if I copied and pasted the button and removed animation, or created a new button from scratch - all completely inoperable once you navigate back to that display.

This led me believe that the problem lay in the configuration of the display itself, so I went digging there. I found that the log in/log out display is an on-top display and its dimensions are slightly larger than the resolution of the configured HMI. Changing this to a "replace" type display, or reducing the dimensions below the hardware resolution resolved the problem.

I can't say why it behaves that way - perhaps there's something different about how the system calls the initial displays vs how they're called using a go-to display button. One other possible factor is that it appears that all of your displays are numbered zero except the Opening Main display, which is numbered one. I wouldn't have thought that should make a difference either, but when you've got behaviour as inexplicable as this, anything could be a factor.
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