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Originally Posted by Operaghost View Post
Ok wait, I think I figured it out..............

When you are on the "Opening Main" screen and click on the Log In/Out button it is displaying the ON TOP display called "Opening". "The Opening Main" display is still open behind that window. You can't see it because the ON TOP display is fully covering it.

When you click on the button to re-open that display, it can't because it is already open behind the ON TOP display. You need a CLOSE button on the "Opening" display to close it and display the screen behind it.

Or, change the "Opening" display to a REPLACE.

I don't think that's the case - I'm 99% certain that if you have an on top window open with a replace display behind it, you can still press a go to display button and have the replace button "replace" the on top window. Unless, of course, you have the "cannot be replaced" checkbox ticked on the on top window, which is not the case here. At the very least, the button should still allow you to click it, and there should be an entry made in the diagnostics log about "this display is already open". Neither of these occur - the button appears to be completely "frozen" and doesn't make any attempt to perform it's configured command.

Also, if this were true, then simply making the on top window slightly smaller would not have solved the problem - you'd still have the replace window behind the on top window. But resizing the on top display resolved the issue when I tested it.

Good pick up on the border checkbox in the project settings though, I didn't spot that one. I just realised the dimensions were bigger than the allowed screen area because when I changed it to a replace type display, the dimensions were automatically reduced to 1018x762 as you mentioned.

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