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I was using Creonics products back when those boards were designed. Your refeference to SAM-EX MCC triggered a memory of a DOS program called SAMLINK that was used to program Creonics motion controllers. I'll see if I still have a copy of it and if there any help files associated with it.

As I recall they were a decent motion controller, although somewhat limited. In fact one of my favorite application stories involves a Creonics motion controller at a plant in Appleton Wisconsin.

The application called for a transfer mechanism that had to stop at a position that depended on the length of the product it was moving. The length was entered from an HMI panel and affected quite a few settings on the machine. The particular model of motion controller only had a limited number of ways to enter a target move position. You could enter it with a two-digit thumbwheel or you you could use the thumbwheel to pick one of 99 predefined moves. Neither of those options worked for us. We pretty much had to be able to let an operator pick a random value anywhere in the range that the mechanism could cover. So we came up with a creative solution. We programmed a BASIC module in the PLC to send a sequence of ASCII commands to the motion controller's serial port.

Stop execution of the motion controller program.
Put the motion controller into edit mode.
Jump to line xxx of the program.
Edit line xxx with the new target position.
Exit edit mode.
Restrt the motion controller program.

Essentially, it was one computer reprogramming another.

Anyway, if I can find a working copy of the SAMLINK program, I'll be in touch. I think that SAMLINK is nothing more than a dumb terminal program like hyperterminal. If the help files exist, they may give you an idea of the command set to program the thing.
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