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I'll consider the 40 conductor versus 80.

In the meantime, After number 3 lost the hard drive, and a 'new' (unused) 250 Gig
hard drive worked so easy in it (with an old ghost image re-imaged onto it) . . .
I thought maybe I'd better make plans on replacing the other three machines drives.

So I used Ghost, version 8, to make an image of machines 1, 2, and 4. Used an old XP
computer to format the new drives then used ghost version 8 to re-image the three
drives - one for each machine. Yesterday machine 4 refused to work.

This morning, I went ahead and tried replacing the drive in machine 2 with the 'new'
250 gig drive. Worked like a charm.

In the meantime, I still have other maintenance functions I need to work on . . . And
I don't need more than one machine working at any given time (And three of them are
working just fine.)
Thanks, Poet.
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