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Originally Posted by arlenjacobs View Post
My honest, best advice is that you should hire another person to migrate the project for you.
In the least, each of your questions should be their own post.

If you have a lot of those old PanelViews that need to migrate to FT ME v9, then you need learn and figure this out. There is no best (nor single) answer to your questions.
It matters on your project and what the original designer intended to happen.

Work through 1 issue at a time:
(a) Look at the project in PB32, the specific feature or object
(b) Read the help files on that object and how it works, based on how it was configured
(c) Look at the migrated project in FTV ME, same feature or object
(d) Read the help files and user manual to understand how it works for that feature/object.
Thanks for your support Bro! and I believe I'm progressing now.
Just confirm this for me please:

On this error: Bit Array tags are not supported. Tag will be converted as a memory tag.
RECOMMENDATION ON MIGRATION GUIDE: Change the tag address to a full word address.
WHAT I DID: In Factory Talk, I opened Tag Dialog Box then under 'DATA TYPE' I choosed INTEGER. Is this correct?

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