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Servo Motor Y-1002-1-H00AA Encoder to Ultra3000i wiring.

I am working on a demo unit, which has a Y-1002-1-H00AA Servo Motor.

The demo unit originally had a Ultra drive 1398-DDM-005 controlling the above mentioned motor. This drive has a parallel type plug for the encoder feedback. I was tasked with changing the drive to a Ultra 3000i 2098-DSD-020-SE, which has a 15pin D-Shell. I have a cable with the 15pin D-Shell connector, but it does not plug into the cable coming from the motor encoder. I was told to splice the two cables. I just want to make absolutely sure of the pin-out, before I start. I am especially confused about where the "Hall" wires should be pinned to. As splicing the two will involve some time, I prefer to only do it once.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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