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Originally Posted by Steve Bailey View Post
Leave your consumed exchange in the CCCSD PLC as is. In the produced exchange in the CCWTP PLC, delete the two words at address %R08000.
The first two words in a consumed exchange are status words generated by the producer and are in addition to the amount of data you are trying to send from the producer to the consumer.
In your case you're trying to send six bytes of data from the producer to the consumer, one WORD (two bytes) and one REAL (four bytes). The setup for the producer should include only those six bytes. BUT, the setup for the consumer needs to take into account the additional two words (four bytes) of status information generated by the producer. You've done that in your setup of the consumed exchange in CCCSD. Your mistake was in thinking you had to add those two words of status data to the produced exchange.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for checking in. I've tried what you've suggested, but still cannot get the comms to work. I've updated my dropbox file if you wouldn't mind taking a look; I think I did what you suggested but maybe I'm still off somewhere?
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