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The best VFD for me is about a lot more than robustness. I deal with a lot of European equipment and they come with a lot of Emerson, Lenze and Schneider drives and I tend to replace Lenze with Schneider. The number one for me is the supplier then the user friendliness of the drive. Yaskawa's drive I like because I can get to what I want in the manual very quickly and I can do whatever I want with the drive with minuets.
Schneider's menu system, which they're so proud of, I dislike a lot and their manual is seriously lacking but we have good suppliers who provide great service and give us reasonable prices. Emerson is a great drive but quite expensive around here and I will never forget the issue I had with it resetting certain parameters to default when I put it in keypad mode, that was just bad, bad design which I understand has been changed with their Unidrive M series. I considered Danfoss briefly but the dealers are morons, at least the two I was referred to by the Danfoss sales rep in Ontario who was very knowledgeable are very helpful and their website is pure ****, a nightmare to navigate. I recall sending them an email after the first time I visited their website for which I never received a reply I told exactly what I though of their website.

Omron ( I understand it's made by Hitachi) is pure garbage, I had nothing but problems with drives that are one year new and at the same time we have Omron drives that are 18 years old and still work well.

I've used Powerflex 40 once and can't remember anything about it but from the reviews here I just may give it a try or at least get a price for one and see how things go.

I also don't like to see drives without teir removable keypad.
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