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Actually Eric, in the GE Fanuc software packages, you don't have to type in the '%'. You can use the variable names instead of the addresses (they were called nicknames in Logicmaster). If you haven't assigned names to variables before you start programming, all is not lost. Simply enter the address '%I123' as '123I'. When the software sees an entry in the format where the first character is a number, it translate that as an address. If the first character is a letter, the software assumes you're entering a variable name, so when you try to enter 'I123', the software looks for that entry in the variable name table, and when it can't find it, it squawks at you.

I used to have similar curses directed against AB addresses forcing me to use the ':' character (stupid SHIFT key forcing me to either set down my beer or risk pouring it all over my keyboard) until somebody pointed out to me that RSLogix lets you use either the semicolon or the colon.
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