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The issue is the configuration of the DataLinks, rather than the EDS file or drive Add-On Profile.

In your Studio 5000 project, go into the PowerFlex 700H object in the I/O tree and look at the Module Definition section. Click on that "Change" button.

You want to select the "Parameters via DataLinks" connection type.

You'll have to enable DataLink A, and then select the Output Current and Output Voltage from the pull-down lists on the Input Data side.

Studio 5000 will then create a new Data Type that has those named sub-elements in it, and switch your AC drive object to using that new Data Type.

For kicks, go into the Data Types folder and look at the two different drive-related data types. The original one created by default will just have the discrete command/status and the reference/feedback. The new one will have the .OutputCurrent and .OutputVoltage named elements.
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