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best interview

The best interview I ever had. This is from the applicant stand point. I went through the normal battery of questions with HR and the 20 something engineer. This was about 10 minutes of the normal B.S. questions and the same type of answers. Then in came an old just out of a greasy machine supervisor. He had 3 papers. An old schematic, A ladder diagram and a hydrolic diagram. The schematic was so old alot of the symbols I had never seen, the ladder had some obviouos mistakes, and the hydrolic was way above my head. He put them in a pile in front of me. He had me take a few minutes to look them over and then asked a series of questions about each. He told me later some things he expected me to know and others he knew I would not but just wanted to see how I reacted. He said he had been doing the same interview with the same schematics since 1978. I got through the interview. Went home and search for answers to some of the thing. I did not know and the next day got an offer. Wasn't there long (plant moved) but I learned alot.
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