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I'm not intimately familiar with those Hyundai VFDs but there are a few experienced drive control experts knocking about the Forum who may know more on them. What I will do though is ask, as we always do, certain pertinent questions to get the ball rolling for everyone...

What is the full catalog number for the Hyundai N700E VFD that you've mentioned and what is it intended to control? (Pump, etc.)

You mention a couple of types of pumps involved here - so are there several of these Hyundai VFDs in play or just the one?

If more than one, are they all the exact same catalog number?
If not - list each catalog number and what they are intended for within the application.

These drives do support certain fieldbus types, such as Modbus RS-485 and optional Profibus, DeviceNet, or Ethernet, should you require a tighter level of control. They also provide both analog input and output options to assist in this task. If not necessary, you could also use the built-in digital I/O to control this drive in a more simplified manner.

For the 1769-L33ER controller - they support up to 16 local I/O modules with a digital I/O density of up to 32 points and analog I/O density of up to 16 input and 8 output points. Spectrum Controls also have 1769 CompactLogix HART I/O modules with a density of 4 input or 4 output points...

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