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Originally Posted by CapinWinky
You can even...
You must have power cycled there? Pity, I was just getting into that (Joke based on your signature).

A small observation on the above - the original FLEX I/O is "on the way out" but the "any day now" new FLEX I/O 5000 platform is its replacement (Lest readers might be confused between what we mentioned above and what you are now saying).

Also, stating that POINT I/O terminal blocks "break all the time" is quite a damning statement and, I'm sure, not the case for many users of this platform, myself included. They are plastic, so they do require care when working with them. Perhaps some are too heavy handed with them? (I don't mean you personally).

I'm not defending Rockwell's products here or taking sides. I'm just pointing out what I feel appears imbalanced in your statements (For correctness and not to show you up).

(I'm having to explain my intentions more & more these days to try and prevent unintended offense - idiots)

(That last one was a joke within the qualification of my intentions within the post)

(If I've forgotten to point out what I meant anywhere, and you have taken offense, then please reply to me in parentheses, for privacy, so I can then address my lack of due consideration)

(And apologies in advance)

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men".

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