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Originally Posted by Archie
This is a community project, so anyone that wishes to contribute (graphics, code, testing, suggestions, etc) please let me know. Future additions include communication drivers for Ethernet/IP and Omron.

Any vendors interested in having their products (e.g. meter, scale display, etc.) made into components and added to this project, get with me.
Archie, that is incredible! I spent the last two days at the plant working with integrators who are updating some of our refrigeration controls with Ifix. We also have lots of applications for the forthcoming Ethernet/IP driver. (Head to Head versus RSViewSE Distributed, RSView32, PanelView plus, CTC, and more...)

I will certianly perform some trials and critiquing once that driver is available!

For now, I will see what I can do with my ML1000 FRN 1.0 via df1.

My goal is to have it manage my homestead, including lighting control, sound and video switching from room to room and monitor my well and pump!

I have vast expereince in older (TRS-80 Model 1 Level 1 through Visual Basic for win 3.11) versions of basic...I was really good with QB 4.5 because it was almost as good as the Atari when you used the complier.

I could actually turn my old AMD running Win98 into a fulltime HMI for the Hacienda! (for FREE Yipee, Yeehaw, Yippy Ki Yeah!) I think it is at the low end of the min requirements for an OS to support newer basic...I'll dig into nuts and bolts in a week or two on that one.

Your graphis are phenomenal comapred to what I have been staring at from our outsource integrator (for >$100k including two PCs and some propritary RS485 cards...)

Wow, if it holds up in industry (and it can't be worse than RSView) you will literally save my company Owner (we'll nickname him Jose the Plumber) more than $50,000 per annum.

I should probably not be pointing that out so publicly, and can only hope that you don't get a $1,000,000 check from some mega-corp and we lose the Yippy Ki Yeah Freebie part of the deal...

What would really be cool (but only for windows cynics like me) would be a retro-conversion that could run advancedhmi on dos 6.22 via Qbasic version 4.5 complied.... Then I could put that little Parker CTC we have at work that doesn't communicate well with its 100 foot rs232 driven cable on steroids! I believe it is a 486 flashbased PC...Then I could avoid having to buy a license for yet another piece of HMI software to learn. I could change the SLC to DH485, and buy a net-aic for the HMI...

Keep up the awesome work!

(downloading your advancedhmi now...) THANKS!
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