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Old December 2nd, 2002, 06:54 PM   #1
Terry Woods
United States

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Damn hat doesn't fit so good anymore!

I received this Private Mail from Jeff Breed.

I sent him a Private Reply where I asked if he had read the NEW HERE at the top of the site page. I hoped he had seen the part about fat-headed ego-maniacs that needed to have their egos fed.

Prior to that Private Mail I tried to send another Private Mail. The site choked and puked it back at me. As is my usual style, it was too long.

So I told him I would post his Mail and my reply on-board (Yes, I told him we like to keep everything on-board - as much as is reasonable, anyway)

<hr size="2" color="#000000" align="center" width="100%">

Hello Terry,
I've just finished reading your posts to "tlvaun". I just wanted to say that you are amazing. I've been reading posts here for about a year and half, and you are by far, the most generous, and knowledgeable contributor to this forum.

I ask myself how in the world do you come up with answers to often vague, and complex queries. Just how long have you been in automation? Is there really only one of you? :-)

Anyway, thanks for your contributions, and the effort you take in sharing your expertise.

Best Regards,

Jeff Breed

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Thanks for saying those things. I appreciate them.

As far as being "...the most knowledgable contributor..." I can only say, NO F'N WAY! There are at least a dozen guys here that blow me out of the water! But thanks for saying it.

As far as being "...the most generous...", well, sometimes I have a little time on my hands. Sometimes I think I need to get a life!

hmmmmm.... I didn't see anything about being most handsome.

You said...
I ask myself how in the world do you come up with answers to often vague, and complex queries. Just how long have you been in automation?

Well, let's just say... I remember laying in my backyard waiting to see Sputnik sail by in the night-sky.

I've been around the block a couple of times. I'm gettin' a little long in the tooth as well. Experience provides an awful lot of support when I pull an answer out of my a$$.

The "EDGE" that I have over a lot of programmers was developed in an unusual manner. I learned PLC's in my youth as an Electrician (when they were kinda new). In fact, I was weened on Allen-Bradley. I could make them work... but, something was missing.

A short time later I went to college for Electrical Engineering. It was there that I learned how computers REALLY worked. And it was there that I learned how lacking the AB PLC was in terms of compute power. (You might be able to find this whole story in the archives.)

I then worked in the REAL COMPUTER WORLD for several years. I did Programming, Digital Design, Technical Writing and Illustrating.

Then High-Tech took a big crash.

I got back into using my Electrical License and got back into some PLC's. Now I'm the Plant Process Control Engineer (BIG TITLE, TWICE THE WORK & NO BUCKS!)

Is there really only one of you? :-)

I HOPE TO HELL THERE'S ONLY ONE! I couldn't stand to run up against another arrogant a$$hole like me!

Anyway, thanks for your contributions, and the effort you take in sharing your expertise.

Jeff, I can honestly say, this is FUN! Believe it or not, I'm learning as much from my posts as others might be! Just the exercise of developing a post is enlightening!

However, it's not nearly as fun as it used to be on this site when we had free-running tangents. THOSE WERE REALLY FUN!

If you were to do some searching through the archives I know you could find some pretty interesting threads -- don't be put off by the thread names.

You could search using my name as a target (use "Terry" only). You might search on "Pierre", "Lefty", "Nelson" (that would be Allen, Eric and his other brother Eric - or was it cousin John?) as well. There are others as well -- you'll find them in the archives. There's a lot of Gold in those old threads! (That is, if they're still around... we seem to be losing more and more all the time.)


<hr size="2" color="#000000" align="center" width="100%">

Hey Phil,
Regarding the archives, how about, instead of losing them, maybe some of us could keep them on our machines? Kinda like, share the Library-Load, as it were.

I don't know about Available-on-Demand, but certainly, Available-on-Request could work.

Then maybe you could just maintain something like a reference file.
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