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Old July 17th, 2017, 04:51 AM   #1

jsolo is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Location: Ireland
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PLC brand / modules selection

Hi, I'm starting a simple project and I need to choose a PLC.

It would need to actuate over some relay outputs (6) an HMI scada type screen interface, but the key feature is that we need some data (recorded states and the date of them) out of the PLC, by usb, sd card or even better sending it through Ethernet to the cloud or to another local device in the network.

Any ideas?

Thank you
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Old July 17th, 2017, 05:21 AM   #2
United Kingdom

cardosocea is offline
Join Date: Nov 2016
Location: Fields of corn
Posts: 754
Do you have software for a certain brand? More often than not, the major issue with selecting a platform is whether or not you have the required software for programming.

I am partial to Siemens, so I would say that a S7-1200 could do what you want and be a Web Server HMI ( I never did connect a PLC directly to the cloud, but I believe Siemens had an IOT platform on purpose for this... IOT2000, perhaps?

Beckhoff most likely has the capability to upload stuff to a normal server in the internet, but it's not something I have experience with. Perhaps looking on their website to see if there is a package that can achieve this is a way to go. Beckhoff can also run an HMI and PLC in the same device and some models have a USB port, so it may be just what you're after.
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Old July 17th, 2017, 06:17 AM   #3

crawler009 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
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Posts: 176
if you're searching something cheap (but good) then the Unitronics v570 could be a option for you.
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Old July 17th, 2017, 07:18 AM   #4
United States

damica1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Location: Illinois
Posts: 377
Maple System (Hmi) then use MQTT to publish data to CLOUD. Now you can subscribe to the cloud and store that data into a SQL database to do with as you please.

This could be done with a cost of ($299.00-Hmi) and ($250.00-PLC-Allen Bradley Micro820).
David M. Camp

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Old July 17th, 2017, 09:40 AM   #5
United States

keithkyll is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Heath, TX
Posts: 1,947
I agree with Maple HMI. Is the AB 800 series the one that takes forever to download? Over 30 seconds?
I would suggest something from Automation Direct. The new BRX series looks good, but I haven't tried one yet.
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Old July 17th, 2017, 09:47 AM   #6

gclshortt is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: Cobourg
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I would second the BRX PLC from Automation Direct.
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Old July 20th, 2017, 02:15 AM   #7

mirasoft is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
Location: Bavaria
Posts: 3
Hi jsolo,

I would choose a Codesys V3 base PLC. For Example a WAGO PFC100 or PFC200.
If you are looking for a solution as a Cloud HMI, have a look at AnyViz. It is a cloud portal for controlling PLCs remotely.


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