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Old March 16th, 2019, 08:30 PM   #1

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Proficy 9.5 Sim13 Code Equality Fails randomly

Ok, this probably is not a new issue but it id doing my Head in.. Firstly, GE this is the single most worst PLC platform I have used in 22 years !!!

Windows 10 X64, Proficy 9.5 Sim13, RX3i CPE330 CPU using a VM on client site engineering work terminal.

My issues are as follows. I open a project, go online, Equal....upload initial values, SAVE, Backup. Commence the start of my days work.

1. PLC randomly just goes unequal without notice. Cant upload logic. Knowing my logic was equal and initial values are current simply download and all is well again.

2. Make a rung edit (Simple but negation or add basic logic), select enter test mode, accept rung edit, code downloads, logic same task on new rung, accept rung edit... logic goes unequal....

3. Knowing the above is only one rung change, try to upload Program and Initial values to overwrite my program, program upload fails to make equal even after upload and validate.

4. Validating after a program upload that refuses to go Equal, Proficy just closes. Check windows log files and some framework dll has failed and killed the proficy service.

Loading up and restoring my Backup project, knowing only one rung change will be lost, Go online, upload initial values, download restored backup project, logic equal and all good again.

5. End of shift, night shift engineer arrives. Goes online with current project, complains all his work form his prior shift is missing !!!!! Impossible you say...As I went online, uploaded initial values on an equal project, saved, backup and commence work...

My question, is why can;t I upload program logic ?
Why is Proficy just crashing without warning?
How is it even possible to lose a previous days work if uploading code and backing up prior to starting work.
Why is the such a pile of **** package to use....I have worked extensively with PLC platforms across the globe and this is by far widely agreed to be the worst and most unreliable package any engineer I have worked with has used.

Another factor and I am unsure if this is a known issue. I usually have about 5 to 7 instances of Proficy open and online at the same time... and we are using the GE change management server... so technically what I am experiencing should be impossible. Is another project somehow cros spolinating and corrupting my active project edits or what ?

And my company is a GE customer who's typical response is.. we can;t replicate the issue you are experiencing......we had all the user memory errors issues with Sim13 and so on...and this platform is almost unusable as we keep losing dyas of work with restoring backups and current live codes going unequal for no reason. My colleagues are having the same issues about the place too... we all put it down to a "GE Feature" Contemplating ditching this client and handing them over to GE Directly for support as it is becoming un-viable to continue to use.

Cheers in advance if anyone has shared any of the pains above.


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