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Old November 24th, 2022, 09:28 AM   #1

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WinCC Pro - msgFilterSQL

I'm little stucked and ask for small help from one with little more experience of vb script.

So, I have alarm control window Control1[Alarm control] which I need to filter when the screen is loaded. The filter is not constant but indirect (tagprefix).
As you see I added msgbox in end, and can confirm that the tagprefix is correct.

My script is like this today, but is not working:
(The script does work when I add my actual tagprefix as a constant i.e M1)
Guess there should be some wildcard around my prefix and I'm pretty close?

Sub OnGenerateScreen()
Dim prefix
prefix = Parent.Parent.Parent.TagPrefix

ScreenItems("Control1").MsgFilterSQL = "TEXT3 LIKE 'prefix' "

MsgBox prefix
End Sub
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Old November 24th, 2022, 11:25 AM   #2
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The wildcard for some SQL versions is the percent symbol (%).


TEXT3 LIKE 'prefix%'
would select records where the TEXT3 character field started with the string "prefix" e.g. TEXT3="prefix"; TEXT3="prefixXIFERP"; TEXT3="prefix_whatever"; etc.
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Old November 24th, 2022, 01:57 PM   #3

Thomas_v2 is offline
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I think you just have to insert the string value of prefix, like:

ScreenItems("Control1").MsgFilterSQL = "TEXT3 LIKE '" & prefix & "'"

Maybe you have to escape the single quotes in VBscript.
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Old November 24th, 2022, 02:35 PM   #4

Lare is offline
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I think that it would be simply on vbs code

ScreenItems("Control1").MsgFilterSQL = "TEXT3 LIKE" & prefix

as your prefix is variable and you read it's data and add it to constant string.
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