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Old September 14th, 2019, 04:38 PM   #1
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Looking for a small Manufacturing process to help Homeless re-develop their skills

Good Afternoon ,

This may be a different subject on this forum . I have been brainstorming
a project with my hometown. Like many small and large cities in the U.S. , we have a homeless issue. Many of these folks once had skills that were , and still are needed in the workforce. What concerns me , is the longer they are out of work , their skills are going to be diminished

My idea is , that there are small ,very simple ,manufacturing processes that maybe some companies don't have the personnel , space , or don't want to be bothered.

Several years ago I once had a service call to a manufacture. I thought I was at the wrong place because it did not look at a manufacturing area. I thought it was an "Ambush" . What it was , was a small operation that filled Kool Aid packs .

Most of our homeless folks are in the downtown area. There is a lot of vacant buildings in this area. What I would like to do is bring a small operation to this area of town and have these people run , repair , perform maintenance on these machines , understand Quality Control , and the economy .

I already discussed this with the mayor , and I'm going to talk with the Business Development folks this week.

I'm wondering , would you guys have any thoughts or groups that you would recommend to contact about this idea.

I have no idea how I'm going to pursue this project , with everything else I need to do , but with only 63% of our prime working age people working, we need to train the other 37% to be productive also.

Thanks so much in advance for your ideas.
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Old September 15th, 2019, 06:34 AM   #2
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Great idea... I would recommend contacting your local small business administration as they would have a lot of (free) resources that can help you and may have some more ideas of whats needed

Also if your looking to do any training on PLC's I can donate some PLC trainers, the Micro800 would be good or we can talk to Siemens to see if they can help, I have contacts in the upper management in the automation sales...
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Old September 15th, 2019, 11:50 AM   #3
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shawn_75 is offline
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There is someone in your town that is not part of the government that knows your local homeless population well. Find this person and talk with him/her. They can give you an idea as to the general skill set they have, the problems they face, and what you can do to help. The person who knows all of this in my town is the lady that runs the soup kitchen. She's practically a saint and knows all the homeless population by name and their stories. You're doing meaningful work here and I wish you the best of luck.
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Old September 15th, 2019, 01:11 PM   #4
United States

Cydog is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: Maryland
Posts: 190
Thanks so much for your suggestions. I'm going to try to set up a few meetings
This week or next . It is going to be a tough project and a rough sub-culture to deal with .
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