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Old September 1st, 2009, 01:34 PM   #1
Tom Kazakoff
United States

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Passing Global parameters in Factory Talk View Se

I have defined a global object, which when clicked on, opens a display. I have not been able to pass tag subtitutions to that display. The "Global Object Parameter Definitions are defined as;

#1 ChmbrWtrOk.n
#2 DoorWtrOK.n
#3 TranShldWtrOK.n
#4 Mag1WtrOK.5 for chamber 5, else 1
#5 TransShld2WtrOK.n
#6 Horiz
#7 Vert
#8 Screen Name
#9 Turbo1_WtrOK.n
#10 Turbo2_WtrOK.n
#11 Mag1Running.n
#12 HeaterCabB[x].Contactor_Closed
#13 HeaterCabA[x].HV_Door_OK
#14 HeaterCabA[x].HV_Backside_OK
#15 HeaterCabA[x].Chamber_Interlocks_OK
#16 HeaterCabA[x].TC_Limits_OK
#17 HeaterCabB[x].Contactor_Closed (chamb 3 and 4, non 5 zone heaters)
#18 HeaterCabA[x].Chamber_Interlocks_OK (chamb 3 and 4, non 5 zone heaters)
#19 HeaterCabA[x].TC_Limits_OK (chamb 3 and 4, non 5 zone heaters)

The parameters I need to pass to the reference object are defined as;

displayName = #8;
Display "Chamber Water" /T#1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#9,#10,#11,
#12,#13,#14,#15,#16,#17,#18,#19 /X#6 /Y#7;

One of the reference objects has it's Global Object Parameter
values defined as;

#1 [CIGSJ]ChmbrWtrOK.3
#2 [CIGSJ]DoorWtrOK.3
#3 [CIGSJ]TranShldWtrOK.3
#4 dummyTag1
#5 [CIGSJ]TranShld2WtrOK.3
#6 308
#7 70
#8 "Chamber 3"
#9 [CIGSJ]Turbo1_WtrOK.3
#10 dummyTag2
#11 dummyTag3
#12 [CIGSJ]HeaterCabB[1].Contactor_Closed
#13 dummyTag4
#14 dummyTag5
#15 [CIGSJ]HeaterCabA[1]Chamber_Interlocks_OK
#16 [CIGSJ]HeaterCabA[1]TC_Limits_OK
#17 [CIGSJ]HeaterCabB[2].Contactor_Closed
#18 [CIGSJ]HeaterCabA[2]Chamber_Interlocks_OK
#19 [CIGSJ]HeaterCabA[2]TC_Limits_OK

When the reference oject is clicked on, instead of seeing the
tags above diplay there state (OK or NOT OK) I get ERROR instead. The OK, NOT OK are displayed via a multistate indicator, one for each of the tags defined above.

The dummyTag's above are placeholders, since each reference
object has a unique configuration.

I have also tried defining a parameter file, and passing the
parameters with /Pfilename. This also did not work.

I have read the Rockwell Knowledge base and found two patches
that are supposed to fix this problem, but after installing the patches, the problems is still there.

Does anyone know how to pass parameters to a display from
a global object?
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