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Old March 6th, 2004, 03:43 PM   #1
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Ab Plc5 Rio Problem.

AB RIO problem. Please help.
we have one main chassis where PLC 5/25 is present ( 1785-LT2)
Channel 1A configured as DH+
Channel 1B configured as RIO
addressing : 1/2 slot ( 32 point DI / DO cards used)
chassis: 1771-A4B ( 16 slot chassis)
Power supply : external 1771-P7S

We have one RIO rack.
Chassis: 1771-A1B
RIO adapter : 1771-ASB, series D
addressing : 1/2 slot
module present : only one analog output card 1771-OTE2 / B
module location: group 2 (module 0)
starting group: 0
Starting rack: 4
Power supply: internal (1771-P4S)

We have one Dataliner DL40 in RIO
Rack address: 5
rack size: full
starting group: 0

baud rate: 57.4

yesterday night our Dataliner displayed" No PLC communication"

we actually thought it as Data liner problem.
we replaced it with a new dataliner with application program. same problem.

then we changed the RIO cable from RIO adapter rack 4 to Dataliner rack 5. same problem.

We then changed the 1771-A4B chassis along with new power supply thinking that it could be chassis problem.
same problem.

then we changed new 1771-ASB, series E with new Chassis and power supply at rack address 4. same problem.

the RIO scanner led was blinking red.

then we replacled PLC 5/25 with PLC 5/40 converted 5/25 program into 5/40 and configured the CH1 A and CH1 B.
then also we had the same problem. then we changed back to 5/25 CPU itself.

Rack 5 (dataliner went to fault mode). If i clear that fault then rack 4(RIO adpater went to fault)
If i remove any one then RIO scanner led was solid green.

I checked all the rack address. its all correct there was no duplicate rack address.

now finally everything solved(solid green RIO scanner led) but Dataliner displayed "NO block transfer"
at this point RIO 4 and 5 led were solid green.

but Dataliner BTR and BTW ERR bit was on.

If i remove Rack 4 (RIO adapter) then Rack 5(dataliner) BTR and BTW will go to EN and DN. at this time DN and ERR will come in Rack 4 BTR & BTW ladder.
same way if i remove Rack 5 then Rack no. 4 BTR and BTW will go to EN and DN. at this time DN and ERR will come in Rack 5 BTR and BTW ladder.

Every time i do autoconfigure in program mode all the RIO active led will blink green. but when i put the processor to run mode either one of rack 4 or rack 5 will go into fault mode. that is in most case if dataliner worked then Rack 4 RIO adapter card all LED will go off. even if there is power present. now if again i want its active led then i have to go into program mode and again do another autoconfigure. this time Rack 4 RIO adapter will work but Rack 5 dataliner will go into fault mode.

Every time i change the PLC into program mode dataliner will display "program mode"

Now i disconnected Rack 4 rio adapter card and just autoconfigured Rack 5 dataliner. solid green now.
put PLC into run mode.
But Dataliner showed no screen in it. if i change processor to program mode .immeditaly dataliner will display " program mode"

some time when i change from program mode to run mode. any one screen will blink in the dataliner continuously.

I really donot know how to solve this problem and donot know where i am making mistake.

actually this system was working very well from 1990 till today. so its not a new installation.

all rack address and group every thing is same. i checked all DIP switches.everything is same as what it used to be.

Now our production is stoped from yesterday night. can you please help us to solve this problem.

Many thanks,

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Old March 6th, 2004, 04:54 PM   #2
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randylud is offline
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Your first best course of action is to get an Allen-Bradley technical person in you plant to help you find and fix this problem. If your production is down and you are hoping for a quick solution from someone on this forum, you may be waiting a while. After reading all you have been through and still have not fixed the problem, there is a slim chance that anyone remote from your site will be able to spot the problem and get you going. Get AB in there and let them help you get back in production. In my opinion, that is your best choice!
Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work!
Mark Twain-8/28/1908
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Old March 6th, 2004, 05:50 PM   #3
United States

Mtn_Bkng_Dave is offline
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What does the status of the ASB module say when the led is flashing? It should display an error code.


Last edited by Mtn_Bkng_Dave; March 6th, 2004 at 05:56 PM.
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Old March 7th, 2004, 06:18 AM   #4
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NOw we are running the machine with RIO rack 4 removed.
But the dataliner DL40 new one is flashing.
I then changed the old DL40 it works normal.
I donot know why the new DL40 screen is flashing. I even checked in PLC for any trigger message changing from 0 to 1 or not.
But the PLC trigger bit is always one or only one sreen no. is always present. That was confirmed by the stable screen in old DL40.

We also again laid a direct cable from PLC 5/25 to DL40 without RIO Rack adapter (address 4). with both ends terminated with 86 ohm resistor. and just running the plant without rack no.4. as rack no.4 was just giving analog output for a chart recorder for datalog purpouse.

I have even sent a mail to racleasktheexpert address and probably hope to get a reply from them on monday.

Dave i am using PLC 5 (1771 adapter and not SLC 1746 RIO adpater

thanks for your suggestion.
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Old March 7th, 2004, 09:47 AM   #5
United States

Mtn_Bkng_Dave is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: South Carolina
Posts: 130

Everything you are saying is suggesting a configuration error in the new devices. You need to check all Group/Slot configuration settings to ensure that they are set correctly. Some of these may be hardware settings such as dipswitches and some may be software. Flashing red on the ASB is usuually an indication of a comm configuration error of some sort.

Examine these configuration settings carefully on each logical rack and make sure you have the rack sizes, starting group numbers, slot addressing structure etc. configured properly.

If you have a way to connect to the internet with your programming terminal while connected to the control system I could take a look at it remotely for you. If this is an option email me.

Good luck,

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Old March 7th, 2004, 01:25 PM   #6
United States

Contr_Conn is offline
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If this was working application, most likely you have a hardware falure possibly multiple devices related to RIO.
Abviosly you have RIO conflict.
Did you change chassis? It can fail as well.

I did not use dataliner for almost 10 years, but I think new one does not work because communication parameters did not load with configuration. I remember it was a problem with PanelViews.

A-B tech support may help you, but don't expect answer immidiately if you submitted via email. Call them Monday, they will have to get toghether PLC5 and dataliner experts and possibly have all your files to simulate.

You may end up calling A-B guy on-site.
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