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Old February 6th, 2003, 07:40 AM   #1
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N8 file problem

I need to make changes in a SCL 5/03 application from 1997. This application was written with ICOM software. I have a copy of the application from our backup files. Using RS Logix 5.20.00 was able to open the application with no problem. But when I attempted to verify project I got the following error (ERROR: Data table file N8: must be of type F Delete this file and re-verify your program). I have spoke with Allen Bradley and there seems to be no other way around this other than re-designating the N8 file to another N file copying the data and searching and replacing the old N8 addresses. I was also told by AB that I may a have trouble uploading the application because the above may cause a compile error. When get on sight I must upload first because my copy is old and I cannot trust that no changes have been made over the years. AB sent me an upload utility that will allow me to upload the application if I have problem with RS Logix. AB also said that the utility may have trouble running on Windows 2000.
Finally my question is, has anyone found another way around the above problem? (I doubt it but I figure with the vast pool of experience on this sight I would just ask). Has anyone had upload problems when experiencing this problem? Also has anyone used the upload utility on a 2000 machine? ABís answer was to bring a 95 machine with me to the job site (just what need when I am on the road is tote more stuff).
Thanks for hanging in with this wordy post!!!

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Old February 6th, 2003, 01:46 PM   #2
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This won't fix your problem with N8 but this is what I do.

When I set up my lap top, I partition my hard drive to that I have C:/ drive as 2g with a fat 16 file system. This is so I can run straight DOS programs.

I then load windows 95 on the C:/ drive. I like w95 because it is a great DOS shell. Keeps me from having to boot off of a DOS disk.

I then load windows 2k on D:/ drive as a seperate install. Make sure D:/ drive is big, because win2k is a memory hog.

Now when my computer starts up, it gives me an option to run either win95 or win2k. Sure keeps from having to carry around two computers.

Plus, you can install AB programs in both win95 and win2k. The software key is then installed on C:/ only once and then both programs read the key.

Now you can install ICOM or an old version of windows or IPS on the C;/ drive and then you upload or down load to the slc.

Hope this helps a little....
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Old February 6th, 2003, 04:58 PM   #3
john paley
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Sounds to me like it's a firmware revision thing in the SLC. The earliest firmware SLC 5/03's didn't offer floating point math--hence the usage of the 8 file as an integer, rather than a float. The floating point processors reserve file 8 for a floating data type--but not the earlier non float firmware processors.

I tried to create a new file in logix as a 5/03 firmware 3.00 (doesn't offer floats) and it tells me data file 8 is reserved (ICOM never told me that). I don't know what would happen if I tried to upload from a processor that had 8 used as an integer file. Maybe you should give it a try and see.

Where did you get the ICOM (A.I.) backup. Does this source still have the ICOM software. You could upload and save using icom, open with logix, then make the N8 to F8 changes and download. I've got ICOM 500. I could make the file changes for you from 8 to whatever (you can do that with logix) but that won't help with what's presently in the processor.

The date on the ICOM .ach file may be an indicator to it's validity. If the customer has made changes, he apparently has something to do it with, maybe ICOM. If your firm has made changes and not kept them up to date, I have no sympathy for you--that's a no no.

Before you try the upload utility, upload the processor to a new file when you get on site. Then compare the uploaded file to the file converted from the icom code. You should be able to tell the difference between program changes and mis-compilations--I think.

If all else fails, redo the 8 file in the converted code you have now, then download it, then troubleshoot problems.

Good Luck.
The Big Cheese
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