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Old March 5th, 2018, 03:28 AM   #1

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Unhappy Citect SCADA 7.4 SP 2 - CTAPI stops working after some time


On my Citect SCADA server I have few python scripts that read and write data to Citect using CTAPI.

I have a problem that after some time(hour or two) SOME (not all)of my scripts are unable to write data to tags.

All my scripts use the same code for connecting to citect (code below).
Restarting Citect Client service helps for some time.

from ctypes import *
import os
import sys
import servicemanager
import win32api

class CTAPI:
    def __init__(self, dll_path):
        self.CtApi = WinDLL("CtApi")
        self.Ct_ipc = WinDLL("Ct_ipc")
        self.CiDebugHelp = WinDLL("CiDebugHelp")
        self.CtEng32 = WinDLL("CtEng32")
        self.CtRes32 = WinDLL("CtRes32")
        self.CtUtil32 = WinDLL("CtUtil32")
        self.hCTAPI = None

    def ct_open(self, address, user_name, password):
        if self.hCTAPI is not None:
            servicemanager.LogInfoMsg("Already connected")
        self.hCTAPI = windll.CtApi.ctOpen(address, user_name, password, 0)
        if self.hCTAPI is None:
            servicemanager.LogInfoMsg("Connection failed")

    def ct_close(self):
        self.hCTAPI = None

    def ct_tag_read(self, tag_name):
        buffer = create_string_buffer('\000' * 32)
        ok = windll.CtApi.ctTagRead(self.hCTAPI, tag_name, byref(buffer), sizeof(buffer))
        if ok is False:
            print("Unable to read TAG")

        return buffer.value

    def ct_tag_write(self, tag_name, value):
        while self.write_lock is True:
        self.write_lock = True
        ok = windll.CtApi.ctTagWrite(self.hCTAPI, tag_name, value)
        if ok == 0:
            e = win32api.GetLastError()
                f = hex(e)
                f -= 0x10000000
                g = int(f)
                    "Unable to write: " + tag_name + ": " + str(value) + " Error: " + str(g) + "(" + str(e) + ")")
                print("Unable to write: " + tag_name + ": " + str(value) + " Error: " + str(g) + "(" + str(e) + ")")
                    "Unable to write: " + tag_name + ": " + str(value) + " Error: " + str(e))
                print("Unable to write: " + tag_name + ": " + str(value) + " Error: " + str(e))
        self.write_lock = False
Hare are some errors from citect log files:

IPC: IPCSocketReceive (recv detected that the peer closed connection gracefully), error: 0xe9
CtApi Server: Win32CAPIWaitForCmd: IPCRead failed. 0x2736 (instance id = 11152)

Cannot perform TagReadProperty operation on Unresolved Tag=TAG_AiB_R_2_42_L2_18_Status_Bledu (this tag is working I don't know why it is unresolved)

Do You have any idea what could be the cause of ctapi not working after some time?

Best regards
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