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MicroLogix 1400 Controlling N700E Hyundai Drive

Well mis-communication has lead me to a point where my micro is no longer the proper controller for the application its currently being utilized in.

That aside I have a customer that NEEDS operation until we can get the proper controller (and hopefully the proper VFD)

Hyundai has created these WorldWide VFD cabinets which have been nothing but a colossal pain in my...... you know.

With locked parameters, no access to "proprietary documents" such as the user manuals and with the whole system itself "not having a user manual" as discovered by calling the company, I am at stuck. I am basically evaluating tank levels, motor vibration switches, remote switches, and oil switches to allow this VFD to run the motor that operates a tri-plex pump. I am going to have to by-pass the "smart" system that this Hyundai drive comes with and control the N700E Hyundai VFD directly. Unlike the PowerFlex, it names some of the I/O points/parameters differently.

My question to you, Has anybody hardwired these VFD's before? Will this configuration/wiring work for my intended purpose? It is already clear that not utilizing the system that is in place is technically bypassing how it is intended to operate and if this fails it can not fall back on me. I have stressed that we have no knowledge of the VFD, there is no one in our area with knowledge, I do not feel comfortable taking control of a VFD outside of the powerflex family (we deal with rockwell products mainly) and the correct way of fixing this is throwing these out and putting in powerflex VFD's. Those points all made, the client is moving in the right direction to get the right stuff out there (shocking in the oil/gas industry) but still needs operation until they can do such. So here is my plan on it....

I see there is a "Forward Run Command" Which I will wire to the AUTO of the HOA.
A "Start" input (N.O) which I will run my permissive and program accordingly
A "Keep (STP)" (N.C) Command which is where I want to say it is a stop but I am not fully sure

They do not want to use a speed reference at this time and given my current IO count, they don't have the option to utilize one anyways at this time so it will run off of the pot. and the VFD programmed to do as such.

Getting people that have knowledge on this drive in my area is not an option since I have called everyone that was thought to have information.

Attached are the input terminals and parameters that the drive allows configuration on.

Thanks for the time and support fella's
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