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FactoryTalk View ME Bit-Array Alarm Trigger w/ DeviceNet

I'm having an issue setting up the alarm trigger for a PanelView Plus 1500 connected to a PLC-5 via DeviceNet.
Other indicators, etc. seem to be working, so I don't believe it's a comms issue, but rather how I'm trying to address the data.
I'd like to use 64 words (127 bytes) of bits to actuate alarms, using the "bit" trigger type. With DH+ or Ethernet comms, I'd address my Alarm Setup trigger as something like: {::[PLC]B10:0,L64} (assuming my 64 words of alarm bits are in B10:0 - 63), but of course with DeviceNet, I don't have direct address to the PLC data files like that; I have to BTW them over to the DeviceNet scanner (as I do with all of the other data I'm using that is working properly).

I've tried so many different methods of addressing the data that I've forgotten all of the things that don't work, but here are some examples of things I've tried:

I've created a DeviceNet alias that addresses an array of 64 Integers and pointed the Alarm trigger to that Alias, but the PV complains that the trigger is not the right data type for a bit or LSbit type trigger and disables it. (It appears that it is looking for a ,Lxx at the end of the tag to signify that there is actually an array of bits there).

I've tried addressing the trigger to the same alias and included a ,L64 at the end of the tag. This gets rid of the message about disabling the trigger, but still no alarm messages.

I've tried changing the alias to an array of 1024 BOOLs.

I've tried changing the alias to an array of 64 16-bit long BITSERIES.

I've tried directly accessing the DeviceNet Table (without an alias) with an address like: ::{[PLC]InputTable.00/0:1,L1024} or {[PLC]InputTable.00,L64} or ::{[PLC]InputTable.00/0:16,L64} (Are these even legitimate ways of addressing DeviceNet Data???)

I've tried creating an alias for just the first word of data, then using an Integer-type HMI tag, addressed to that alias, with a ,L64 at the end.

I've tried aliasing an array of Integers and then using an HMI tag addressed to just the first integer with an HMI tag address of: [PLC]InputTable.MyAlias[0],L64 or [PLC]InputTable.MyAlias,L64

I've tried using a 'Digital' HMI tag addressed to the alias, with a ,L1024

I'm running out of ideas... Any hints?
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