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Old February 20th, 2009, 10:34 AM   #1
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RSLogix 5000 - tags export, modify and import

Hi All,

Does someone know how to export tags in RSLogix 5000 modify their names and import again without losing references in the logic?
In S7 it's very simple you can change point of reference to the address and import modified tag names without any problems.

Best Regards
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Old February 20th, 2009, 03:17 PM   #2
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I like to use excel to edit and keep track of my tags.

Sorry, I have no idea how to export/import without loosing ladder logic references. I'm assuming that you need to do a 'mass-renaming' of your tags. I know that if you edit the tags in RSLogix one-at-a-time, it will maintain your ladderlogic references. But It's alot easier to change the references of alot of tags (in the program) if you use structured text.

Step 1 the export:
In RSLogix5000
go to 'Tools'
and select "Export Tags" from the drop down menu.
You have your choice of alltags/controllertags/programtags
if you don't understand the difference, then search the help for the meaning of the word 'scope'

You should be able to save as a CSV filetype, this data is comma delimited and can be opened easily with microsoft excel.
depending on which scope you chose you may have up to 3 sections. All the properties of the tags are in columns with headers. This will be the format you need to follow EXACTLY, if you want to add some tags and then import them.

Once you master this, try what I do. I move all my data around by generating structured text with excels formula editor. I actually use excel to generate the tedious parts of my programs for me!

Structured text is also the best alternative to aliasing the individual elements in an array.
Array[0] := thisOne;
Array[1] := thatOne;
Array[2] := theOtherOne;

Hope this helps, I'm sorry if it doesn't

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Old February 21st, 2009, 11:25 AM   #3
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Check out .L5K

1. Save your program as an .L5K file. This creates a completely text file of your entire program.

2. Open .L5K file in a text editor (Notepad).

3. Perform search and replace of old tagnames with new tagnames. This will replace the tagnames in the tag database and in all the logic.

4. Save new .L5K text file and close text editor.

5. Open new .L5K file in RS5000.
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Old February 21st, 2009, 05:23 PM   #4
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Be careful with Search/Replace on the L5K with a text editor.

Remember that you have multiple databases in Logix5000. Tags in a Program Tags database can have tagnames identical to other tags in other programs. You may not want to change everything....

You need to double-check your intentions, and so long as you are aware of your search/replace options and scope, then all can be well.
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