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Old June 14th, 2015, 03:11 AM   #1

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Programming Omron PLC, some basic help is needed


I am new to PLCs and would like to learn basics and possibly use them in my projects.

I would like to use a PLC to generate pulses for a stepper motor, monitor some limit switches, and also receive modbus packets from a master PLC/PC.

I was interested in the CLICK series PLC from Koyo (100 USD), but unfortunately they (automationdirect) don't have online purchasing for India, so I have identified an Omron PLC, type: CP1E-N14DT1-D

Please see link...

Please advise the following..

1. Is the Omron PLC (type: CP1E-N14DT1-D) suitable for stepper controller pulse generation ? I have a stepper controller that needs step pulses to be generated, I now generate pulses using a micro-controller (approx. 5Khz pulse rate), I need to do the same using the Omron PLC.

The entire system would be powered with a +24 VDC SMPS, ground will be common for all peripherals.

2. I would like to monitor some limit switches, +24 VDC outputs, is this possible with the PLC ??

3. Can I configure the Omron PLC as a slave unit in a Modbus RTU network, also is it possible to send and receive MODBUS RTU packets to the master PLC ? The catalogue mentions the unit having a MODBUS RTU port, is this through optional module/card or is it in-built on the CPU??

4. What software is needed for creating and programming ladder logic programs for this PLC ?? From the Omron site I see that CXONE-AL, SYSMAC, CX-Designer etc. are available for download, which of these is suitable ?? also are these software free for download and commercial use ??, the site does not mention the license clearly.

I know most manufacturers provide free software for their products.

Also how can the Omron PLC be programmed, the catalogue does not mention a USB or dedicated port for programming via PC or laptop??

5. Is the ladder logic program for the Omron any different from other brands like Siemens etc ?? I am somewhat familiar with CLICK software.

I hope above information was not vague.....

The Omron PLC family catalogue is here.

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Old June 14th, 2015, 04:21 AM   #2
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Oh dear - no free software for a start for most Omron PLCs but you only get what you pay for!!!
Have a look at the CP1H as well - read the manuals - I do not use stepper motors at all.
1) Forget ground for 24VDC - let it float.
2) Yes.
3) Yes for slave - have not sent packets before - have not done it though - contact your local distributor.
4) CX-One has everything including temp controllers, touch screens, PLCs and all the rest updates are free.
5) Yes - really easy - I use them all the time as they save me time and make me more money! Click is really basic stuff and not real flash in my book - takes to long to do anything.
I do not use anything with free software anymore - and very little with software I have to pay for either - most rip you off with annual fees - Omron do not.
The Old Pfhaart

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Old June 14th, 2015, 10:48 AM   #3

arbj is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Location: mrt
Posts: 38
Thanks BobB,

Unfortunately the software cost is too high for me at the moment. Although the PLC themselves are quite cheap. But for learning purposes I think the cost is high.

I have been looking at other low cost PLCs, the Fatek B1Z series looks OK( type: B1Z-10MT2-D24S)

But in this case the documentation is poor, also I am not sure whether MODBUS-RTU protocol is supported.

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Old June 14th, 2015, 03:00 PM   #4

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The Do-more plc from automation direct is the one that I would choose. The programming software is a free download and includes a simulation package.

Omron would be my second choice. Once you invest once there are no more update fees. Here is a link on implementing the Omron host link protocol.

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