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Originally Posted by gtsuport View Post
The d9 is a tag data link error. That would be Ethernet/IP.
What is the IP address of the CJ2M?
Is there any information in the PLC Error Log?

So the 04 in the error message is for the node address that has the issue. I've now learned that. Node 4 is the epson robot connected to the system. It appears that the robot doesn't like me unplugging the the computer or any other ethernet device that is hooked to the switch in the cabinet. I've compared the epson settings in the RC+ 5.0 controllers between this station and another one and nothing is different. IP's are:

TR Encoder (which does have an attribute issue in Network Configurator when trying to load the proper eds)
SR-750 Barcode
SR-1000 Barcode
FQ Camera
FQ Camera

Currently I have an unconfigured TP LINK WIFI adapter plugged into the switch to keep it happy. At this point I'm thinking something in the network configurator software needs change for this node.
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