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All set

Issue solved (sort of). In the cabinet they ran out of ports on the 8 port switch (elinx) and ran a jumper to another 4 port switch (Stride). Both unmanaged. Both Epson ethernet cords were plugged into the Elinx switch along with the PLC and a few other things. If anything came unplugged from that elinx it would drop connection to the robot. I had my laptop on the stride switch online with the robot and when I unplugged anything from the elinx (not unplugging the epson) the robot would lose connection and actually disconnect me from the robot.

At the end of the day, I just installed a 16 port stride and plugged everything into one switch. Now everything is happy. Not sure if the elinx has some special thing about it (never had one) but it didn't like it.

Thanks for giving feedback
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