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Originally Posted by roxusa View Post
I just did a machine with the Sure Servo (my first servo experience) And I used the Modbus as you are. I used a Micro Logix 1400. Are you using a zip link for the controls?
I did all through messaging. I don't set up my messaging to continually run as you have.
Also looks like your enable will toggle with the message DN bit if it even turns on since
you are repeating the 2 messages, IMO
I used an example on this forum to figure out how to make it work and then got better with more reading and bench testing.
If you need more help I can find some examples.
Ya, the plan is to tie the outputs from the PLC to the zip link.

The messaging is very new to me, even courses I have taken did not go into that. What is a better way to set those up? I see some examples use a timer.
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