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Image Capture project


New project came across my desk yesterday.

Basic objective:

When a product passes its functionality test, take a picture of the part and save it. Saved file must contain the products traceable code. Each product gets a unique code, for tracking purposes, and this trace code is held in the PLC.

Additional info:
1.) Do not use the PC that is already in the equipment because that PC is used to test the parts and we don't want to do anything that would cause this PC to run slow/crash.

2.) Use the cameras that we have in house already. Keyence IV-2 is the camera(s) I have available that produce the best image.

3.) Add a display that will show the image(s), display will also inform the operators the final image has been stored so they know when to remove the part from the test equipment.

Overall, seems simple enough.
I have chosen the Keyence IV-2 because it gives a great image, as well as it has the ability to save pictures to a file.
I have built a display using Advanced HMI.
I am going to have to figure out some custom code to get the pictures to load and then resave them in another location with the correct file name.

My questions are:
Am I over complicating this? I tend to do that.
Is there a better way that I should go about this?
If my current process seems valid, any recommendations for vb2019 code samples?

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