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Old April 16th, 2021, 03:25 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by VAN View Post
Also, it was still Java based and needed Java RunTime. I remember a couple of windows updates that made that an issue. I think its HTML5 now but even not using Ignition for so long I remember it being WAY better than FTME/FTSE.
Vision is still Java-based, but now Java is bundled with the client runtime.

Perspective is HTML5. I've done some with it, but there's a bit of paradigm shift in using it. Of course there was a bit of a paradigm shift when I started using Ignition 10-ish years ago...
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Our Rockwell account manager, not the distributor offered us FT View for FREE if I would switch from Ignition. All I had to do was pay the annual support costs. I politely declined.
We have been using Ignition since 2012. We have had no issues.

I was on a Zoom call yesterday with my sales guy and a solutions architect to work out details of a major expansion. We have a single server with several projects running and about 25000 tags.
We are moving to 4 I/O data servers and one client server ( 5 licenses).
The final system build out will have 150,000+ tags and about 30 clients.
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Originally Posted by TWS View Post
Our Rockwell account manager, not the distributor offered us FT View for FREE if I would switch from Ignition.
That's still way too much. RA would have to pay me to use their HMI offerings.
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James Mcquade
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I agree with ASF and rdrast.
Not only would i get that in writing and signed off by the local rep manager, i would also get the regional manager to sign off on it as well.

do not tell them who the customer is ! they will knife you in the back and give the software away, IF they do the programming, there is where they will make up not only the programming time, but the software cost also. Former company lost the contract due to that very fact. we had over 1,000 hours invested in getting the job over a 9 month period.

Yes, tech connect is a yearly contract based on the ASSUMED number of plc's in the plant and the software you buy.
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