How to deploy a local app from FTV Studio Site Edition to PV1500+?

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I've put together a couple of simple screens inside of a local app just for learning purposes using FTV Studio Site Edition, but I can't find a definitive answer in the manuals that I have.

All I want to do is deploy my simple app into the PV1500+. I've seen a few other posts here that creating a .MER file, but does that apply here? If so, how do I do that? There is no "Application" menu item available in the menu bar of FTV Studio.

When you start FT Studio you are prompted to select the Application Type you wish to work with. The PanelView Plus uses FT View Machine Edition, Not Local.

The displays can probably be imported, unless you are using things like touch animation, Active-X or VBA.

I've never tried to go backwards like this, but you might try using the Application Manager for SE Local to Backup your app, then using the Application Manager for Machine Edition to Restore the app. Might work. But if it is just a quick example, you might just start over using ME.

Going backwards is just, very very barely possible, but you must export the SE screens as XML, and then hand edit the XML to massage it into what will actually be readable by Machine Edition. It is (yet another Rockwell) horrible PITA with this software.

If I even THINK that I may, one day in the future, have to add a PanelView Plus to an FTView SE / Station design, I'll generally develop the application in ME, and then import that to SE, which is possible, but still requires a number of fixups. At least going ME to SE, you don't have to spend hours massaging the XML directly.
Thanks, guys. I don't have to deal with importing between the versions (yet), but that may occur somewhere down the line.

So does the compiled file (.MER) then contain EVERYTHING required to run on the PV+? If I understand the documentation properly, I think it does.

This is my first venture into Rockwell's Windows based software, and it's been quite an uphill climb. :)

You are correct that the compiled .mer file contains everyting needed to run on a PanelView Plus terminal. The .mer is an ME Runtime file. While in development you will be working with a .med (development) file.

The previous posts are correct in that going backwards from FTView SE (local or network) to FTView ME is virtually impossible; while going the other way, ME to SE, is possible with some minor tweaks to some of the graphic objects.

If there is a possibility that SE screens might be used on a PV+, it would be recommeded to start with ME and then move to SE.

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