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Hi everybody , nice forum here..
I have a little question. I am new to PLC and I wanted to test a little example of plc on my pc.
I am a student so i don't have a PLC only a PC. Is their a way to simulate a PLC on a PC,
if Yes, which program can I use then.. Shows this program what is done . And are there also some examples available ??? Thank You very much ....
Rockwell Software has emulation software for both the AB PLC-5 and SLC-500 families (RS Emulate 5 and RS Emulate 500 respectively). These products run on a pc and solve the ladder logic that you supply to them. They also allow simulation of real IO.
RA also has Emulate 5000, wich simulates LOGIX (ComtrolLogix, CompactLogix, etc...) CPU's. Also includes motion.
Good stuff
Siemens has the S7-PLCSIM. It allows simulation of the PLC program and lets Protool simulate the online connection to S7. In short you can simulate the entire project before doing it for real.

A major downer with the two mentioned AB emulators, Emulate 5 and Emulate 500, is that they do not allow online editing. (I dont know about Emulate 5000).
Someone mentioned in an old thread that he was using Softlogix5 in stead of Emulate 5 - because softlogix 5 do allow online editing.
Check out the Learning Pit . Professor Bill's simulator LogixPro is (one of) the best around. It comes with student labs and all. Best of all: it's affordable, even for a student. PSIM, on the other hand, is completely free but is somewhat outdated.

Kind regards,
Also there is RSTestStand from RA.
Not easy and not cheap but powerful tool for testing and implementing a manufacturing control system.
Maybe you can ask a temporary activation from your local distributor.
first of all thanks for all these replies in such a short time :)

second if i have to choose, I will choose a free one, because i'm student and life is already expensive enough :D

But I'm gonna try some of these progs above and then let the fora-people know which one I've chosen :)

See ya ;)
Try 'IBHsoftec' ( Here you can download software to program Siemens S5 and S7. With this software you can also test your plc-program.

To top it all you can also download a plc-simulator. This program simulates a real hardware plc. This even enables you to transfer your program to the plc.
Thanks everbody for your replies.I am working with trilogy now and it works fine. It also very nice how the program shows what you have made...
nice nice

Bye bye :site:

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