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I noticed today that at some point in the last few weeks, something has gone wrong with my trending tool in RSLogix5.

When I used to create trends, the pens I added would pull in their descriptions and when you hovered over the address, the description would pop up in a tool tip box.

Now if I add pens to an existing trend, the new pen descriptions do not pull in, but the old pen descriptions do. The old pen descriptions also display when I hover over the address on the trend window.

Has anyone else noticed this, or have any ideas what could've happened? I am running version 7.30.1
The fact that "trends are saved with the project" means that any unsaved trend (new pens) will be lost and the trend will revert back to the saved version.
Create a trend chart
Rockwell Software Inc.
You can create a trend while offline or online.
1 Click the Trends folder in the project tree.
2 Click the right mouse button and select New from the menu.
3 Type a name for your trend chart in the Trend Name field. Then click OK to create an empty chart. The name can be up to 80 characters in length. An icon for the new chart appears under the Trends folder in the project tree. Whenever you want to open the trend chart double-click the icon. Trends are saved with the project. Logged data is not retained.
These trend pens that I am referring to are not unsaved.

When I go online with the processor and add a new pen to an existing trend, or create a new trend, the descriptions for the pens do not pull through any more. Trends that I created months or years ago will still show the address description.

This is the first time I've had this problem in roughly 8 years of using the software, and I'm a bit suspicious it might be Windows update related.

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