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The main controller of a blower machine has died(it's a custom PC and the OEM is out of business).
This machine has 5 remote I/O's with CAN interface slave module (vipa 253-1CA01).
The customer of the machine wants a Siemens plc probably an S7-1500.
To keep cost down, we plan to keep the remote I/O's with CANopen,
What are my options?
Thanks for your thoughts
The only CAN interface that I know of is for the S7-1200, unless you used something like an Anybus module.
I'd personally be costing up replacing those remote I/O's rather than trying to accommodate the CAN system, but I'm saying that without knowing either the machine or the customer and their budget.
I stand corrected on the parts, didn't know that module was available.
Using the ET200SP CPU is also generally a much cheaper approach than the standard 1500.
And 10 years from now, nobody including yourself can figure out how the special code for the CAN modules is working.

I am with the bite-the-bullet camp. Do the whole conversion to standard and up-to-date technology now, dont do it half now half later.

The only reason for keeping the old IO hardware could that it is a large plant running 24/7 with almost no window to do the conversion.
But 5 IO racks does not seem that large.

edit: I have to admit that the current parts scarcity can be another reason for desperate measures.
Thank you all for your valuable feedback.
I checked with vipa support team, they said there's a profibus interface module (253-1DP01) that can replace the CAN interface module, so it will be easy to speak to S7-1500 either via integrated profibus or with communication module.
Also they said that the 200V System is active and will be supported for the next coming years.
The reason for keeping those remote I/O's is not just the cost but also the long lead time to get new parts.
there is another solution by using the SLIO system that can talk profinet.
I see that there is vipausa.com and www.yaskawa.eu.com for vipa products, is there any difference between theme?
Yaskawa owns VIPA. So they are the same.

Even though Profibus is more native than CAN to Siemens, for S7-1500 you would still have to add a Profibus CM, unless you chose a high-end CPU (which will be expensive) that has integrated Profibus.
So with the extra Siemens CM plus 5 extra Vipa Profibus modules, it is again a lot of hassle and investment.

Since you meantion the SLIO profinet is an option, I guess you are open to replacing the IO altogether.
In that case I would go with any vendor that can provide Profinet IO at the moment.
Siemens ET200SP is one of the worst for availability at the moment.
Thanks Jesper, I agree with you that ET200SP is one of the worst for availability at the moment, we have been quoted for 42 weeks lead time.

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