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So siemens has something modern cooking:

Siemens AX

Key Features and Benefits:
-Fast Error Detection
-Possibility of step-by-step debugging directly in the source code
-Tools for versioning and traceability
-Out of the box integration into GIT technology enables traceability of changes and versioning
-Higher Standardization and Reusability of Software components
-Object-oriented software through the application of OOP in ST
-Modular tooling enables customized workflows
-Assemble the SIMATIC AX modular toolset in a way that it fits your own workflows
-Less implementation time for new libraries
-Creation, testing and maintaining of libraries can be automated
-Use the right programming tool for your team
-Choose SIMATIC AX for code development in ST while keeping the advantages of TIA Portal allowing code generation in FBD (FUP), LAD (KOP)…

Who knows something about, I got quite excited about possibility to use VS Code as the IDE and OOP - the main question now is, will they extend OOP so that we got the whole of the cutting edge for ST (even more than codesys/beckhoff is giving) or is it just "OOP The Old Fashioned Siemens Style"?

It works with V18, I see..

and V18 was just released

You want someone to say they have been working with it for years?
It works with V18, I see..

and V18 was just released

You want someone to say they have been working with it for years?

I want to know if someone has seen it in more detail already and what would OOP for example mean in this context, or unittests, how would they enable it.

It will keep everyone who does not want to get their hands dirty happy :)

I don't see that being the case. I welcome more software approach to the plc-programming too. In the end the software has to be anyway ran on the plc connected to the hardware.
I'm really curious also. My guesses:

  • The code is written in VSCode in *some languague* and then compiled into something you can import into Portal via a library.
  • *some language* might be JavaScript, since they talk about npm, and recently utilized that for Unified. Could be it's many languages, could be it's actually ST with extra stuff.
  • The OOP elements must exist entirely inside the exported code. I haven't heard anything about Portal getting OOP code, so you'd be limited to the standard functional programming in/out/inout interface. That said, being able to write OOP code INSIDE an FB, even if the FB itself isn't OOP, is still a cool concept.
  • It says you can do debug. I'd assume the code shows up as knowhow protected in TIA (because TIA only has compiled code, no source), and you do debug in VS Code.
  • I'm curious to see what limitations there are, as something kinda like this is currently possible only in PC based systems or the 1518MFP, where you can write C code that runs in the realtime kernel or independantly. If you can now write JS (or whatever) code for any PLC, that sounds like a wild change.
Unit tests could presumably be done in VS Code the way you would for anything else. However, you can currently use the Test Suite Advanced to do unit tests inside TIA, presumably you could use that to test the system after.

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