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Originally Posted by tisbris View Post
Thank you for you detailed reply.

We are looking for a solution, where each system GMP and Non.GMP is isolated at most (not only on objects).

The upcomming release of system platform is supporting 2 seperate galaxies to communicate with each other.

Please explain your experinece with System platform when it comes to engineering og standardization - we believe that this system will force the engineer to use the standards and also reduce the overall engineering cost?

It is already possible using other methods to have 2 Galaxies transfer data between them,im looking forward to the new release.

The hard part of the engineering is defining building and commissioning your master objects (Standards). From here it is really easy to create instances. The fact is that object based software gives you the power to instantiate very easily. I hardly ever create instances by hand. I use *.csv imports and takes me seconds to create as many objects as i want.

Its all about how you design your objects. With good data structures in your PLC you dont even have to do addressing you can derive addresses and only use device numbers that uses indirect addressing with offsets.

System Platform is a POWERFUL product i will always recommend it..
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