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I have TAIWAN PLC "SHIHLIN" type AXon-40MR-ES.
At the moment I am looking for the SOFTWARE

and CABLE communication for this SHIHLIN PLC.
Could you please help me to get technical

information about this SHIHLIN PLC, is it

correct this PLC is EXACTLY the same with

MITSUBISHI type FX0n-40MR-ES ? because I check

physically, the model of SHIHLIN plc AXon is

the same as MITSUBISHI plc type FXon.
If this PLC EAXCTLY the same as MITSUBISHI,

CAN I USE THE GX DEVELOPER and cable SC-09 for

making ONLINE ? because I have already got

this software
( GX-DEVELOPER ) and SC-09 ( cable

communication )
If my GX developer can not be used for ONLINE

with SHIHLIN PLC, what is the type of SHIHLIN

SOFTWARE and CABLE communication that I have

to order ??

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