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Originally Posted by ASF View Post
There is nothing so permanent as a temporary solution that works.
I have a water utility here that we had a call from in 2015. Small bore pump not going. Diagnosed it was a bore casing / screen failure. Because of how their network is configured we were able to pump from another supply into this one, so within 24 hrs we'd rigged up a pump on a unistrut skid, a VSD in a cheap fibreglass enclosure and a pressure sensor wired direct into the drive to do a PID loop. This all ran on a hired diesel generator.

I figured they'd have a well driller in and a new bore sorted in maybe a month. Generator was costing them 8k a month for rental and fuel.

After a month they wanted to know what it would cost to get a permanent power supply installed to the temporary pump.

6 months later they sent through a purchase order for that. (The rental cost over those 6 months was twice the cost of the new transformer and mains connection).

We're now in 2021 and I've just replaced the motor bearings on that poor little temporary pump which has been running 24/7 since 2015.

I've priced for a permanent pump station twice since then. Still no progress.

I'm off elsewhere shortly, but i bet if I come back in 5 years time that pump will still be there, and the new maintenance guy will be saying "which a$$hole installed this rubbish! You call this a pump station!?"
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