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Oh wait, I think I misunderstood the query: the problem may be whether the PLC-5 has unsigned INTs or 32-bit DINTs.

PLC-5 does have floats, so you could MOVe the INT value (e.g. I3.5 or N7:0) to an element of a float file (e.g. F8:0), and then add 65536 to it if the INT value is negative:
MOV N7:0 F8:0
XIC N7:0/15    ADD F8:0 65536.0 F8:0
Alternate, probably clearer:
MOV N7:0 F8:0
LES N7:0 0    ADD F8:0 65536.0 F8:0
Floats have 23 bits of mantissa, so there will be no loss of data.
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