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Originally Posted by Gene Bond View Post
Since I'm old enough to have learned Physics on a slide rule, and programming was strictly done with Integers a decade later... Then the 'Pentium Math Bug' hit the news to show that Floating Point / Real Number math had a basic flaw, I learned not to trust any Floating Point math without a 'Sanity Check'...

I still use Integers for 99% of my programming, and imply the decimal places with Tag Names like PSI_X100
Yes, well, my slide rule that my Dad gave me is over 22" long*, so if we are going to start unzipping and measuring ...

The point of the original post is that the program WAS using INTEGERs in the multiplication, but the emulator apparently overrides that for 16-bit INTEGERSs; with 32-LONGs the results are correct.

* and good to three sig figs, could I but find the dang cursor - "for want of a cursor the Least SigFig was lost ..."

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