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FactoryTalk Studio; no data in the datalog?

Hi there,
I'm running FactoryTalk View Studio V9 on Win 10 Pro (x64) system. I've got a strange problem with the datalogging and wonder if anyone's experienced the same? Any help and input will be appreciated. I was a heavy user of RSview32 and never had this before.

So i've set up a datamodel with 2 analog tags that are directly addressed to KepServer v5.19. The log file gets generated as expected when I start the datamodel and i know the analog values are valid because they're displaying on screen correctly. But when i open a copy of the .dat file in excel, the value column is empty. Also when i try to view data in a trend object with historical polling, nothing is displayed. However the trend appears when i choose real time data, but this is not what i want. I get the same result when i try this on FT running on a Windows 7 operating system too.

Any ideas anyone?
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